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The project consortium is made up of five entities from Europe:

SPAIN – Fundacion ASPAYM Castilla y León

It is the coordinating entity of the project, with more than 25 years of experience in working with people with disabilities and the social inclusion of this group.

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It fosters and supports the sustainable development of local communities and the empowerment of people through education, human rights and international cooperation.

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Dance company that works on art, dance and social inclusion. Its approach is based on freeing the individual from the physical, cultural or social limitations that prevent him from expressing his full potential.

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It is an NGO that promotes and develops activities in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and mental health. In addition, it is dedicated to the training of specialists in various branches of modern psychology.

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Entity that works with people from geographically distant or rural areas, and people with learning difficulties who face difficulties to participate in courses, professional orientation workshops and other initiatives.

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